Team Member Spotlight: Megan Ruth

This summer, Megan joined the Anova team as our intern. Megan is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky studying Mechanical Engineering.    

Here is a little more information about Megan:

What is the most exciting thing you learned during your internship?
The most exciting thing that I learned was all the different steps you have to go through when commissioning. (Commissioning before construction of the building, commissioning during construction, and commissioning post-construction)

Why did you select Anova?
I chose Anova because I wanted to get my feet wet into something that never was on my radar. I wanted to have an experience that I could take back to school and, in my future, and that is exactly what I received.

What were your project assignments?
I worked on the Olin Lab Relocation Project, the Indianapolis Community Justice Campus and Assessment Intervention Center project, and the World Connect 6 project.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
The tallest mountain I climbed was Chasm Lake in Estes Park, Colorado. It is 11,823 feet. Photography is also a hobby of mine.

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