Schedule Plan For an Effective Project Timeline

Critical Path Method scheduling and project control experts who are experienced in developing, analyzing, updating, monitoring, and reporting on the most complex construction programs. Our scheduling subject matter experts follow the AACE International’s Recommended Practices (AACEi RP) as a standard for working through scheduling best practices and procedures. These practices are developed and approved by Planning & Scheduling Industry Leaders. Critical action items include:

  • Plan: At Anova, every single project is required to start with a Schedule Design Plan (SDP). The plan creates consistency, promotes quality products, and allows for sound historical data analytics. This provides the project team with a consistent, efficient, and accurate method for schedule development and execution. The SDP gives project stakeholders a voice early in the scheduling process and allows for project-specific customization to meet the project and the client’s needs.
  • Develop: The schedule is developed based on the SDP. The information provided in this document is the basis for what data to include in the schedule and how it is communicated. The quality of a schedule has a proven correlation to how successfully a project is managed and how the project team performs. Once the schedule is developed and is ready for a baseline review, it will undergo a rigorous quality audit. The schedule must meet the minimum requirements as outlined in the DCMA-14-Point review and AACEi RP78R-13. From that audit, specific metrics are communicated and explained, After the completion of the quality audit and revisions, the schedule is ready to baseline for the project team to approve. If approved, the schedule moves to the execution phase.
  • Execute: Using the process outlined in the SDP, progress updates are critical to understanding the status of the project and enable teams to make informed business decisions. It is imperative to have consistent, complete, and reliable data on a regular basis to properly analyze and manage a project. Once the update is aggregated, it is vital to communicate the right data to the correct audience. Customized data keeps project stakeholders informed and holds contractors accountable.

Services Include:

  • Schedule Design Plan
  • Baseline Schedule
    • Baseline Schedule Quality Audit
  • Progress Updates and Reports