Quality-Focused Process to Optimize Building Performance

Anova’s Commissioning services verify the design and construction of your new facility are fully functional; allowing your staff to operate effectively and productively on day one. The primary responsibility of our Commissioning Authority is to verify the facility can meet the Owner’s project requirements, by providing systematic, quality-based oversight of pertinent building systems at every stage of the project’s life cycle.

Anova’s Commissioning process meets or exceeds all requirements of LEED v4 for both Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning. Anova’s unique approach to commissioning includes our integration of Construction Quality Assurance (CQA). Our CQA program is designed to identify, track, and resolve any construction related issues before they are concealed or become inaccessible. The benefit of this is to reduce the cost impact if a system is found unable to functionally perform due to construction issues as it is easier and less expensive to correct issues earlier in the project.

Commissioning benefits you, as it is a way to verify and document all building systems operate efficiently. With the typical construction process, building systems are started up according to specifications but often go unchecked against the needs of the end user. The Commissioning process fills this gap. It is also a way of catching functional issues during construction when subcontractors still maintain a presence on site, as opposed to finding issues later down the road and having to deal with callbacks or warranty calls.

Services Include:

  • Verification of Proper Systems Installation
  • Administration of Functional Tests