Quality Management

Quality Management that Protects Your Investment

Anova’s Quality Management services go beyond documentation and reporting. We deliver quality assurance by bridging the gap between your high expectations and the realities of what happens in the field. We have a vetted system of processes, procedures, and technology that consistently deliver high quality throughout each stage of the project. Anova’s quality management provides you with the resources you need to protect your capital investment. The focus we put on the quality of your project today will protect you for the operational lifecycle of your facility.

Anova’s quality experts are responsible for proactively reviewing the upcoming schedule of activities, verifying the contractor’s system of quality control is working effectively, and that construction complies with contract requirements. Our quality assurance program holds contractors accountable by adhering to their contractual quality control requirements. As a result, our process makes sure your facility works the way you intended it to work.


Services Include:

  • Quality Specification
  • Quality Program
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • BIM Integration
  • Corporate Assessments/Gap Analysis
    • Specification Assessment
    • Pre-Qualification of Contractors
    • Fill Owner Gaps
  • Quality Training
    • Clients – Buyers
    • Users – Contractors