Owner’s Technical Representative

A Progressive and Proactive Partner

As an Owner’s Technical Representative (OTR), Anova becomes an extension of your staff to help deliver the facility you want, within budget, and schedule. As a proactively engaged management team, we bring value and accountability to the design and construction process. Each OTR assignment has differing levels of complexity, and each owner has different levels of need. Anova offers an extensive menu of technical services to address any specific subject matter expertise a project may require.

OTR services can be very broad or very limited depending on the demands of a project and the needs of the owner.

As an OTR, we take responsibility in guiding owners through the entire project life cycle process by utilizing knowledge and expertise to assist owners with making informed decisions throughout the capital building process. We can provide oversight of the budget, schedule, safety, commissioning, and quality on behalf of the owner to ensure we achieve the project goals.

Services Include:

  • Real Estate
  • Architect and Contractor Selection
  • Design and Construction Oversight
  • Transitional Planning Oversight
  • Project Documentation and Processing Oversight
  • Financing and Permitting Assistance

Advantages of OTR Services:

  • A flexible approach that can be used on large and small projects.
  • Provides the owner with leadership and expertise which can augment your existing staff.
  • Allows construction buyers to have knowledgeable representation without hiring full-time employees.
  • Enables larger construction buyers to have specialized expertise on staff when necessary.