Meet Our Team

Providing Subject Matter Expertise for our Client’s Capital Projects

Just like our clients provide expertise in their respective fields, Anova provides subject matter experts so our clients can focus on what they do best. We are comprised of talented, experienced, and dedicated people focused on providing you with the data and tools for making informed decisions.

Tim Isle

In 2005, while working as a Group Manager for our sister company,…

Josh Whitt
Operations Manager

Josh has 30 years of experience in field construction and management. He…

Rich McGill
Project Executive

Rich is a Purdue University graduate with more than 30 years of…

Mat Fahrenkrug
Project Executive

Mat is a Ferris State University graduate with more than 30 years…

Nathan Moore
Project Executive

Nate is a graduate of Purdue University with more than 30 years…

Bruce Beck

Bruce Beck served as a Director of Engineering for Eli Lilly and…