Tim Isle

Headshot of Tim Isle, president

In 2005, while working as a Group Manager for our sister company, Shiel Sexton, Tim was presented with a challenge to pilot a Construction Quality Assurance project for a complex capital project in Indianapolis. The project was a success, providing $4 million in savings, and was hired to implement the same program on a project in Ireland.

The success of this program led to other project opportunities and that began the organic growth of Anova. As a complementary business unit to Shiel Sexton, Tim founded Anova in 2012.

As the President of Anova, he is an effective leader who promotes the highest level of accountability from his staff and subcontractor partners. He has more than 30 years of experience in construction and consulting. His career has primarily been focused on the regulated environment for pharmaceutical and chemical companies.  Tim also has high-level mechanical systems expertise.

Tim thrives on complex projects requiring innovative thinking and unique solutions. He takes pride in the fact that Anova is unique and provides invaluable services and solutions to our clients.

When Tim isn’t working, he enjoys woodworking, fishing, and hanging out with his Labrador Retriever, Rosie.

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