Rich McGill
Project Executive

Headshot of Rich McGill, project executive

Rich is a Purdue University graduate with more than 30 years of construction experience in design, construction, and overall project delivery across a variety of market sectors and different contract delivery methods. He joined Anova in January 2015 as a Project Executive but has operated in a variety of roles based on our company needs including supporting our sister company, Shiel Sexton.

Rich leads the Owner’s Technical Representation teams on some our largest projects in the State of Indiana.

His responsibilities have included overall project team facilitation, project planning, design management, pre-construction services, competitive bid estimating, project scheduling, field supervision, quality control, and day-to-day project management.

Rich enjoys working on challenging projects with a level of complication and critical components for delivery. He is incredibly detail oriented and can effectively communicate project details to help others achieve project goals. 

He is passionate about functionality and making sure the project meets the client or the end user’s needs and requirements. His favorite projects involve the opportunity to help a client fill a void or achieve additional capabilities. For him, it’s more about how well something functions and works for the client to support their operational need.     

When Rich isn’t working, he enjoys being outdoors, traveling, working on remodeling projects, and volunteering. He has been a volunteer with Gleaner’s Food Bank, the Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity, and a co-teacher in a children’s ministry. He has also served with mission teams on local projects and traveled to Costa Rica to build a house. Rich is a proud father of two daughters. 

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