Dow Corporate Facilities – MiOps Ipark

DOW (trademark) logo with background

Anova has been hired to support Dow Corporate Facilities as Owner’s Technical Representative for updates to its R&D facilities at its MiOps Ipark in Midland, MI.. The project will include the construction of new & renovated R&D Facilities and is scheduled to last four to five years. The project will incorporate new state-of-the-art R&D equipment and technologies and seek sustainability goals for LEED Silver. The project aims to have 20% diversity participation and leverage goals for local firm participation. The project will include the demolition of some existing buildings, site development, construction of some new buildings, renovations of some existing buildings, and site work to create an R&D campus environment which will be connected by walkways. Anova will help support the Dow Corporate Facilities delivery team with design coordination, construction management, and quality assurance.

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