A Program Identity that Unifies

Worker Using Tablet

Development of an EHS&S identity that communicates and reinforces, in both name and iconography, a unifying concept that brings the multiple organizations under one EHS&S mission and vision. The identity addressed the following primary elements:

  1. Harmonizes and builds upon the varying approaches to safety developed by the joining organizations
  2. Aligns with the new organizational brand values and name.
  3. Inspires the workforce and clearly communicates the idea that “We are all individually responsible for safety and each of us should be ready to respond to risk at all times.”
  4. Illustrates the shift in the corporate risk identification path from linear to holistic.
  5. Focuses on awareness of risk in the unique hazards of the organization, platforms, sites, facilities, and individuals.
  6. Beyond the name/identity and logo, create corresponding communication elements that serve to inform and engage the workforce in all their diverse roles, user groups, facilities, and regions.
  7. The graphic elements created for use as functional tools that quickly and simply communicate and reinforce the standards, programs, and behaviors of the new organization establishing a shared understanding among all stakeholders.

The initial identity elements and messaging have been developed and are currently being used globally by the client. Anova continues to work on elements of the program providing creative services through the development of coordinating elements such as critical life standard iconography, presentation design for organization-wide communication, poster translation and design for global distribution, permit design, form development, etc.