Baxter Bioscience Manufacture & Production Building

Baxter Bioscience Overhead Shot

Project Overview

Anova provided quality control and turnover package management services for Baxter, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of hospital supplies and medical/lab products and distribution. The 18-month engagement provided Baxter with five trained staff to oversee the new construction of the $300 million manufacturing and production facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Baxter’s Bioscience business worked on a six-year, multi-million-dollar investment plan to upgrade its Los Angeles manufacturing site. This program included a replacement manufacturing facility, as well as a new cafeteria, training facilities and office space. The new buildings that were part of this enhancement plan will fulfill LEED Silver standards. Additionally, this program took advantage of the L.A. Department of Building and Safety’s Parallel-Design Permitting Process that allows for the design and permitting process to run concurrently.

Services: Quality Management

Creative Solutions

To meet quality results on this challenging lab project with an aggressive schedule, it required a coordinated team effort by everyone to understand the intent designed into each aspect of this project including pre-planning of work activities, auditing of actual work installed, auditing of procedures, documentation, and tracking of in-progress events. Categories for monitoring quality included but were not limited to; QOR Tracking System, Auditing, Inspections, Testing, necessary Training, and a functional web-based database.