Cummins Corporate Office Building

Cummins Corporate Office Rendering

Project Overview

Anova is the Owner’s Technical Representative on the Cummins Corporate Office Building (COB) renovation in Columbus, IN. The scope of work includes a new roof and complete interiors renovation.

As the OTR, Anova is responsible for performing the following:

  • Direct interface, coordination, and oversight of design team
  • Leading design coordination and preconstruction activities
  • Oversight of schedule, cost, and scope control and forecasting
  • Change management

Cummins COB originally opened in 1983 and was designed by Kevin Roche.  The building has never undergone an extensive renovation, and the entire facility will be renovated to upgrade the building to Cummins standards.

The building is also an architecturally significant facility, and the proposed changes will modify the 34-year-old building with more modern aesthetics. The new COB will incorporate art, improved lighting, provide both collaboration and efficiency spaces, and allow for adjustments into the future.

Once completed, the project will accommodate 1,200 employees and house the renovated Cummins museum.

Services: Owner’s Technical Representative

Creative Solutions

At the start of the project, the COB housed 1,200 employees. Since we couldn’t relocate all the staff at Cummins, we completed the project in two phases. Phase I included the demo and renovation to the southern half of the building while 600 employees remain operational in the northern section of the building. When Phase I was completed staff moved into the newly renovated space, and work began on the north half of the building. Anova worked closely with the operations/facilities team to communicate the project intent and ensure minimal disruption to staff.

Before proceeding with construction, Anova worked directly with the project leadership team for approval on the design elements. This transparency ensured that Cummins has an alluring, yet still familiar, building when construction was complete.