Dow AgroSciences Seed Research and Development Facility

Dow Agroscience Puerto Rico Site

Project Overview

Mycogen Seeds, an affiliated company of Dow AgroSciences, has operated in Puerto Rico since 1992 and the decision to expand came from the growth in agricultural opportunities. The new Salinas/Guayama research and production site is considered a ‘flagship’ corn and soybean breeding and parent seed facility that is larger in scale than other sites for Dow AgroSciences. It is designed to meet additional agricultural research needs with the increased capabilities.

Anova and joint venture partner Cockram Construction completed the $29 million expansion on 1,600 acres. The new site includes 16 buildings containing office spaces, seed labs, equipment storage, greenhouses, utilities, production buildings, and several fields. Together, the buildings cover more than 87,700 SF.

The Salinas/Guayama site has the latest state-of-the-art equipment in seeds and trait research, enabling Dow’s researchers to continue cultivating the most innovative farming technologies and to meet the demands of today’s farmer. Researchers onsite are now able to grow and test genetic modifications in the field. The site also processes established crops and processes and ships the seeds as well.

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