Team Member Spotlight: Lawrence Kong

Lawrence Kong, Commissioning Engineer

As a Commissioning Engineer with Anova, Lawrence is primarily responsible for planning, managing, and executing Anova’s Commissioning and Quality Assurance (C2QA) process for our projects. He is also responsible for developing dashboards and providing data analytics for our clients.

Tell us about yourself:
I’m originally from the cold, uncharted and desolate lands of Calgary Alberta where I received my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. I worked for two years as a Reliability Engineer in the petrochemical manufacturing industry before moving to Indiana.

What is the favorite part about working for Anova?
There is never a dull moment. Anova maintains a very diverse portfolio and is always looking for new opportunities to grow. Anova has a family culture where everyone supports one another. Anova holds true to its core values, processes, and procedures while still allowing for flexibility and creativity.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
What spare time? Evenings and weekends are fully committed to watching “The Joy of Painting” with Bob Ross. There are 31 seasons to get through. There is no such thing as mistakes, only happy little accidents.

People would be surprised if they knew?
If binge watching The Joy of Painting wasn’t enough, I also designed and built a Formula 1 car while working through Mechanical Engineering school. I was primarily responsible for the resonance tuning, 3D drafting, building, and installing the car’s exhaust system.

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