Recognizing Safety Excellence

anova team recognition for safety

Anova places the highest priority around worker safety on our projects, and we are committed to recognizing and rewarding employees who have exhibited outstanding safe work practices while performing work on our projects.

While OSHA may set the foundation for a successful safety program, we believe there is a science to construction safety. The Anova Safety Program is people focused and protection driven. Construction safety is as much about human behavior as it is about policy, auditing, and training. We recognize every organization or project has unique safety challenges. Anova strives to understand those challenges and provide our clients with the tools needed to reach their goals. At Anova, Project Safety and OSHA Regulations are not just a set of rules; it is part of our culture.

“At Anova, we focus on individual and small team efforts for specific clients,” said Josh Whitt, Account Manager. “As we reach impressive milestones, we don’t want these achievements to go unnoticed. Managing project safety is not easy, and in some cases, it carries a negative mantra and a so-called negative effect on productivity.  However, our group handles safety differently.  We select our safety managers carefully.  Our communication style is non-confrontational and effective.  We also help sell the owner/client’s safety culture because we own it as well.  We look at project specific safe work hours, the same way our major clients do, and these metrics are impressive.” 

Our Safety Program recognizes safety managers and those responsible for the safety of the personnel on projects with a certificate of accomplishment when they achieve at least 100,000 safe work hours. We would like to recognize the Corteva Agriscience team for accomplishing ZERO Accidents while surpassing 500,000 safe work hours since the last recordable incident. This accomplishment includes all Anova managed projects for Dow Chemical, Dow Agrosciences, Phytogen Seeds, Pioneer, and Corteva located in North and South America.  These projects include:

  • Brazil projects in Mogi Mirim, Cravinhos, and Indianopolis
    300,000+ safe work hours with ZERO recordable incidents
  • Burley Idaho Dow XPS
    125,000+ safe work hours with ZERO recordable incidents
  • Pittsburg, CA Projects
    50,000+ safe work hours with ZERO recordable incidents
  • Indianapolis R&D projects for 2018
    120,000+ safe work hours with ZERO recordable incidents
  • Corcoran, CA and Midland MI Projects
    70,000+ safe work hours with ZERO recordable incidents

Additionally, we would like to recognize the following individuals for their exemplary performance in leadership and management of personal safety on the Corteva Agriscience Indianapolis R&D projects and accomplishing ZERO Accidents while surpassing 100,000 safe work hours in 2018:
Jeff Vietti
David Farris
Bryan King
Charles Porter
Ryle Perry
Corey Scott
Paul Martin

Since the inception of our safety program in 2016, we have issued the 100,000 Managed Safe Work Hours Award to:
Geiza dos Santos
Carlos Farini
Caio Maldonado
Bill Henry
David Farris
Luis Martinez
Charles Porter
Paul Martin
Bryan King
Jeff Vietti

“Anova is always accepting safety challenges locally and abroad,” said Mike Sharpe, FS&RE Engineering Leader for Corteva Agriscience.  “They consistently deliver safety programs with exceptional results. Anova’s ability to stay flexible and provide solutions without limiting our core safety values has continued to grow our partnership.  Hats off to the team members in the field putting in all the safe hours!” 

Congratulations to our team members on this outstanding accomplishment. We appreciate your dedication to achieving a safe work environment.

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