We’ve Moved!

Anova is excited to announce that our team has moved to a new downtown Indianapolis location. We spent eight years at the Massala Building on North Alabama Street less than two miles away from our new office on North Capitol Avenue. While we enjoyed our time at the old office and the ability to walk to some of our favorite Mass Ave establishments, we are thrilled about our new space. Our decision to move was not easy, but several factors encouraged the move to our new office.

  • Location – Our new office is now across the street from the headquarters of our parent company, Shiel Sexton. We are excited to be closer to our Shiel Sexton colleagues and the opportunities it will provide. It also doesn’t hurt that we are now within walking distance to the Canal, a local coffee shop, and new restaurants to try.
  • Visibility – Our previous office, located in the building known for the historical painting of Kurt Vonnegut on North Alabama Street, was terrific for its proximity to numerous amenities. We were in the center of several other businesses in a bustling area, but we had no outdoor signage. You would never know from the outside of the building that our office was inside. We hope our new location will help boost our visibility to the Indianapolis community and our partners visiting our headquarters across the street.
  • Space – When we moved into our last office, we had a small staff, so the amount of space wasn’t an issue. But over time, as our work opportunities grew, so did our staff. Our new office is much larger, providing enough offices for our day-to-day team, several open area desks, allowing field staff to work in the office if necessary, and more collaboration areas for meetings. Lastly, our new office is also more aesthetically pleasing, making it an appealing option to host clients and attract talent.
  • Parking – As much fun as Mass Ave is, parking was always an issue for our guests and clients. With our new office located across the street from Shiel Sexton, we have plenty of free parking for our staff, clients, and partners.

As we settle into our new home, we are excited about this next chapter of our story. We look forward to making new memories and continue to deliver better buildings to the owners we serve. If you’re in the area, we hope you’ll stop by.

Our new address is 905 N. Capitol Ave., Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

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