Langham Logistics APX

Visuals of Langham Logistics project

Anova recently completed a new $8,000,000 CRT warehouse and cold storage facility in Phoenix Arizona for Langham Logistics’ expansion into the rapidly growing Cold Chain market.  Anova was Design Builder, with Advantech Facility Design, and DEEM Electrical and Mechanical, and Refrigeration.  Local contractor Doege Development was hired for the general trades scope and Kazal for Fire Protection. 

The project characteristics included structural retrofit, new HVAC installation, prefabricated cold chamber installation, and envelope improvements to meet energy code, and CRT/cGMP regulated material storage requirements.  The entire facility was provided with 100% backup generator power, and the HVAC, refrigeration systems and fire suppression were designed with full redundancy.

The CRT space, frozen storage and refrigerated storage spaces were commissioned and qualified by Anova according to cGMP requirements. Anova used up to 160 temperature loggers to measure temperatures throughout each space in an effort to characterize the performance and behaviors of the space, and identify any potential problem areas. Each storage space was temperature mapped for 48 hours, with each temperature logger recording every minute. Temperature mapping allows for visibility on the impact of various factors on the temperature of the space, including enclosure/outside air temperatures, HVAC/R supply and return, airflow patterns, traffic, internal heat sources, and loss of power.    

The project started as fast track-6 month schedule, but due to delays caused by the global pandemic, the project schedule was condensed to 4 months, as the end date was critical for the client and anticipated pandemic response.  Covid-19 social distancing and PPE protocols were followed, and over 60,000 safe work hours were achieved, with Zero Incidents!

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