City of Noblesville Village at Federal Hill

Project update card

Anova has been selected as the Owner’s Technical Representative for the parking garage component of a mixed-use development by Carmel-based Old Town Companies named the Villages at Federal Hill.  This project will further develop Federal Hill Commons, a city park just west of downtown owned by the City of Noblesville and managed by the city’s Parks and Recreation department.  While two new buildings featuring street-level retail and upper-level apartments will be privately owned and managed, the city will own and operate a multi-deck parking garage within the footprint of the east most building.  The garage’s placement on the property will allow the retail and residential spaces to wrap all four sides of the parking garage, resulting in a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space.  A third retail/office building will be incorporated into the project during a later phase.  This development further supports the city’s vision of creating a walkable connection to the west side of Noblesville, and the new retail offerings will add to the existing amphitheater, farmer’s market, and playground space while also significantly increasing parking capacity.

The project is currently progressing from design development to permitting and construction.  Selection of the type of parking garage structure was one of the hurdles that had to be overcome between schematic design and design development.  Post-tensioned cast-in-place and precast options were reviewed and scored based on multiple criteria, including construction cost, maintenance cost, perceived quality, and critical path timeline.  A precast structure with a field-applied topping slab was ultimately selected, with the critical path timeline being the most significant criterion. Groundbreaking is planned for the beginning of August.  The parking garage is expected to be available for large, scheduled events by the end of first quarter 2022.

Anova is excited about this opportunity to partner with and represent the City of Noblesville in this important project.

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