Summer Intern – guess who’s back?

Announcement of Sam Kennedy returning for internship card

For the second year, Anova is welcoming back Sam Kennedy as our summer intern! We are excited to have Sam back while he gains experiences and works towards deciding what path he will take in his future career.  Get to know him a little better below!

  • What is your major and when do you graduate?

My major is mechanical engineering. I’m in a five year engineering program between Bethel University and Notre Dame. I just completed three years at Bethel and I will be going to Notre Dame for two years starting this fall. Once I’m done in two years, I’ll receive a Bachelor’s degree in math and physics from Bethel University and a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Notre Dame. I’ll also get a business minor from Bethel University.

  • Why did you choose to come back to Anova for a second year?

I really enjoyed my internship last year and I learned a lot of new things. I also enjoyed learning about commissioning and working with Lawrence Kong.

  • What are you hoping to learn/gain/experience this time around?

I am hoping to learn more about commissioning and gain experience doing some functional testing out on the jobsite. My goal for this internship is to decide whether commissioning is something I would like to do after I graduate.

  • What excites you about commissioning/engineering?

I chose to major in engineering because I’ve always enjoyed my math and physics classes in school. I also like that engineering is about problem solving where every problem is a little different. I like that commissioning involves going on jobsites and doing hands-on work.

  • What career path/job are you hoping to have once you graduate?

I think I would like to work in either the automotive or construction industry. I’m hoping this internship will help me decide which career path to follow.

  • Is there anything you’ve been looking forward to doing this summer (outside of work)?

I’ve been looking forward to going to some major and minor league baseball games this summer. I plan on going to a few Indianapolis Indians games while I’m here for my internship.

  • What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy playing guitar and bass and listening to music. I would also like to see a few concerts this summer.

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